Everything You Should Know About Getting Adjustable Steel Stumps for Your Home

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Everything You Should Know About Getting Adjustable Steel Stumps for Your Home

12 October 2022
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In the past, when a construction project called for an elevated floor, the construction team would have to use timber, concrete or blocks as piers. However, the stumps had a fixed height and didn't need any modifications. Then, designers and engineers introduced steel stumps, and it became possible to adjust the building height to achieve a level subfloor. It is now possible to use a shifter to change the length of the stump and make it several inches taller or shorter, depending on your needs. Here is everything you need to know about adjustable tree stumps. 

Why Choose Steel? 

Steel's physical and chemical properties make it an excellent material for stumps for all types of buildings. Steel has a high load-bearing capacity and will comfortably transfer the load of the house to the ground without buckling. It also doesn't corrode or get affected by rust and other chemical damage. It can last for decades without the need for replacement or servicing. Also, steel is non-combustible, which makes the stumps ideal for areas prone to bushfires. Also, the stumps originate within the country and meet the national engineering certification standards. Therefore, you will create a strong and durable structure with these stumps. 

How Do They Simplify Construction?

It is also essential to understand how steel stumps simplify the construction process. Firstly, the stumps come with adjustable heads. You do not have to perform welding, cutting or any other actions to meet the height requirements of the stumps. Most also have adjustability, meaning you can adjust them until you get the optimum height. The parts come ready for installation, and you do not have to spend time cutting or making other changes during the subfloor installation stage. They also feature a clear inspection point, so you can constantly check to see if pests like termites might get into your subfloor. 

What are the Benefits of Using Steel Stumps

It is natural to compare steel with other materials when choosing stumps. Steel is better than wood and concrete because of its superior tensile strength and capacity to bear heavy loads. The stumps also get galvanized to prevent rusting. Contractors can adjust them without disrupting or interfering with the house's structural integrity. 

You should consider steel stumps if you are looking for an excellent stump material. They will help you perform an effortless installation, save money and give you a durable structure safe from certain environmental constraints.  

Speak to a contractor to learn more about adjustable steel stumps.