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Welcome to my blog. I'm Carrie and I would like to share some of the top tips I have learnt about construction and repair work in the home. My passion is for buying old property and carrying out work on them to bring them into the 21st century. I started out doing this a couple of years ago. I used some money I had inherited to buy a wreck of a place and if I am honest, I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I was really lucky to find some great contractors who helped me out a lot and taught me lots of very cool things.


Frequently Asked Questions About Home Window Film and Tinting

4 December 2017
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Home window film and tinting is a good choice for any room of your home, especially for those spaces with very large windows that get lots of hot, direct sunlight and for areas that have bitterly cold winters. You have many choices for the various types of window film and tinting, so note a few questions you might have about this process, and this can help you decide if this is the right choice for a room of your home. Read More …

Ways Your Pet Enclosure Would Benefit From Chain Link Fencing

30 October 2017
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Chain link is one of the most readily available materials that you could purchase when looking to erect a new fence. However, since this material is commonly used for temporary applications, it has garnered the reputation of not being a permanent fencing solution. Additionally, some homeowners may have the attitude that chain link does not contribute to their kerb appeal and so decide to steer clear of it. The truth of the matter is that all these are misconceptions about chain link fencing. Read More …

Essential Tips for Your Home Renovations

23 October 2017
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Home renovation refers to the process of restoring a house to a functional state. This is usually done on dilapidated dwellings which are in a state of despair. The entire process is quite significant as it needs various steps to be followed for better results. The following guide will assist you to be prepared for any home renovation activities. Building Assessment – This is the very first step be considered before renovating any home. Read More …

4 Reasons House Frames Need Green Instead of Dried Timber

19 October 2017
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The frame of a house is obviously one of its most important elements. While some construction companies are switching over to metal, timber remains the most popular choice, and that means you'll need to choose between either green timber or dried timber. The difference between the two is easy enough to grasp. Green timber will have been cut recently and given no opportunity to season. In contrast, dried timber will have been left to season or will be dried manually. Read More …

Residential Security: Three Considerations for Ideal Surveillance Camera Selection

18 October 2017
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If you are planning on improving security in your home, you should think about installing a CCTV system. These components will discourage burglars and robbers from intruding on your property. If an unauthorised person does infiltrate your home, they will be captured on camera. Also, the improvement of home security through surveillance might afford you better insurance premium rates. There are numerous products to consider when you decide to purchase home security cameras. Read More …