New Houses: Simple Guidelines on Enhancing Your Entrance Door Security

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New Houses: Simple Guidelines on Enhancing Your Entrance Door Security

12 October 2017
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There are numerous issues that you must consider after moving into a new home. One of these critical elements is the security of your entryways. If your door locks are not secure and reliable, you could expose your home to unauthorised intrusion. The former owners might have given their friends, relatives and neighbours a copy of their keys. Moreover, the real estate office might still have access. Some of these individuals could misuse the duplicates. Therefore, here are simple guidelines to help you improve your door security after moving into your new home.

Rekey or Replace Your Lock

When you purchase the home, you should rekey or replace the locks around the property. Both of these methods will render the duplicated keys obtained during previous ownership useless. As a result, you will be protected from infiltration using the copies in the hands of nosy neighbours and untrustworthy relatives. If you are uncertain about the best option, you should check the status of the locks installed for the entrance doors. If there is a good quality, relatively new lock, you should choose to rekey. This choice is cheaper than fixing another product. On the other hand, if the lock is old, weak or poorly set up, you should choose a replacement.

Choose Double Cylinder Deadbolt Locks

If you decide to replace your lock, you should explore the market for high-quality products. In general, deadbolts are highly reliable because they cannot be opened unless the internal cylinder is rotated with the matching key. However, the quality of deadbolts can vary widely. You should look for a product constructed with resilient materials such as stainless steel. The throw of the lock should be long to prevent easy dislodgement. Also, the screws provided for installation should be able to penetrate deeply into the door frame. When purchasing the lock, make sure it has a double cylinder design. This type cannot be opened from either side without a key.

Renovate Your Door 

Your entrance door security can be compromised even after the installation of a suitable lock if the structure of the door is not resilient. Therefore, you should consider performing renovations or replacing the feature entirely. If your doorway has some glass, you should install tempered or laminated glass. This choice will minimise the risk of breakage and subsequent access to the lock. Also, replace hollow or flimsy doors which can be damaged easily using impact. 

If you are uncertain about the right choices for a security door, consult a licensed locksmith.