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Welcome to my blog. I'm Carrie and I would like to share some of the top tips I have learnt about construction and repair work in the home. My passion is for buying old property and carrying out work on them to bring them into the 21st century. I started out doing this a couple of years ago. I used some money I had inherited to buy a wreck of a place and if I am honest, I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I was really lucky to find some great contractors who helped me out a lot and taught me lots of very cool things.


Frequently Asked Questions About Home Window Film and Tinting

4 December 2017
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Home window film and tinting is a good choice for any room of your home, especially for those spaces with very large windows that get lots of hot, direct sunlight and for areas that have bitterly cold winters. You have many choices for the various types of window film and tinting, so note a few questions you might have about this process, and this can help you decide if this is the right choice for a room of your home. Read More …

Ways Your Pet Enclosure Would Benefit From Chain Link Fencing

30 October 2017
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Chain link is one of the most readily available materials that you could purchase when looking to erect a new fence. However, since this material is commonly used for temporary applications, it has garnered the reputation of not being a permanent fencing solution. Additionally, some homeowners may have the attitude that chain link does not contribute to their kerb appeal and so decide to steer clear of it. The truth of the matter is that all these are misconceptions about chain link fencing. Read More …

Installing Internet Services? Choose Fibre Optic over Copper Cabling

17 October 2017
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When it comes to data cabling services, copper data cables have been the ubiquitous option in the Australian market. Firstly, copper cables are economical, making them cost-efficient for both residences and business alike. Secondly, since copper cables are already pre-existent in numerous buildings, they are convenient when you are only looking to extend your network. Nevertheless, this does mean that they are the best choice as digitisation continues to expand. The latest entrant in the market is fibre optic cabling, and it is proving to be more advantageous than traditional copper cabling. Read More …

4 Reasons to Use Wood Laminate Over Genuine Timber for Your Bathroom Floor

16 October 2017
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In most cases, people prefer natural timber over laminate wood flooring. However, those looking to add a wood floor to their bathroom should certainly consider using engineered laminate flooring over the genuine article, and here are just four important reasons why. 1. You Need it to Handle Moisture As you've probably already worked out, any flooring that goes in the bathroom needs to handle moisture. Even if you somehow don't manage to splash any water directly on the floor from your shower or bath, the steam from hot water is still going to leave moisture across the floor. Read More …

New Houses: Simple Guidelines on Enhancing Your Entrance Door Security

12 October 2017
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There are numerous issues that you must consider after moving into a new home. One of these critical elements is the security of your entryways. If your door locks are not secure and reliable, you could expose your home to unauthorised intrusion. The former owners might have given their friends, relatives and neighbours a copy of their keys. Moreover, the real estate office might still have access. Some of these individuals could misuse the duplicates. Read More …