Are you thinking about installing a pool?

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Are you thinking about installing a pool?

24 January 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Have you been considering the benefits of adding a pool to your property? You may have recently visited family and enjoyed the freedom to swim whenever you wished, or your neighbour may have recently installed a pool and you have been wondering if you could build something similar. There are many reasons you might want to install a pool, but pool construction is something you must get right as it can't easily be changed in the future. Before arranging for pool construction, you must decide what type of pool you need. Several factors will influence the style of the pool you install.

How will you use the pool?

Are you someone who enjoys swimming lengths of a pool for fitness? Would you prefer a round pool for people to gather at parties? Maybe, you prefer somewhere shallow for younger children to play. Alternatively, you might want to practice your diving at home. There are many ways you could use the pool, but each of these options will need a slightly different pool construction. If you aren't sure what would best suit your needs, ask the pool construction company for pictures of pools they have installed in the past, This could give you the inspiration you need to pick the perfect pool for your location.

Where will you put the pool?

If space is limited, there may only be one location where you could put the pool, but if your property is larger, you may need to consider your choice carefully. Think about whether you want privacy while you are swimming. Do you want guests to easily move between the pool and the house? Do you want to check on children using the pool, or do you want to be out of earshot of noisy teenagers splashing around? Consider how much sun different parts of your property receive, how that could affect the water temperature, and how much use the pool will receive.  

Should you choose an inground pool?

Deciding between an inground pool and an above ground pool can sometimes be about cost, but there are other factors. A conventional inground pool construction will be more costly than building an above ground pool, but it is probably more aesthetically pleasing. An inground pool will also increase the value of your property. Conversely, an above-ground pool construction will cost less and can sometimes be transported to your new property if you move to a new home. Topographical reasons, such as a high water table or undulating ground, can also affect whether a particular type of pool is viable in your location. If you have questions, your local pool construction company can often guide you to the most practical solution.