Do You Need to Arrange Bitumen Spray Sealing?

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Do You Need to Arrange Bitumen Spray Sealing?

24 August 2021
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When you want to surface a driveway, car park or any outdoor area there are several surface materials that you could use, but bitumen will always be near the top of the list. Bitumen is a resilient surface material that is perfect for many things, whether you want to drive or walk across it. However, you may be concerned about whether bitumen surfaces are not very long-lasting. Some bitumen surfaces develop holes or become uneven after a few years. When you see a bitumen surface that has begun to deteriorate, it is probably caused by water damage.

How to avoid water damage to your bitumen surface

The most effective way of preventing water from damaging your bitumen is to arrange for bitumen spray sealing. Bitumen spray sealing should be carried out on a new driveway as soon as it is completed and repeated at intervals throughout the life of the surface. By spraying a waterproof bitumen binder over the driveway, you can stop water penetrating below the surface and causing damage that will ultimately destroy the surface. Bitumen spray sealing involves spraying a bitumen binder over the entire surface and then covering it with aggregate. The surface that results will be waterproof. As such, it has the additional benefits of slip and skid resistance, providing additional safety for anyone who will cross the surface.

Tailoring your bitumen spray sealing

All bitumen spray sealing should be waterproof and skid resistant, but you can improve it further. By speaking to the company that carries out the sealing, the sealing mixture can be adjusted to become a perfect complement to the way you use the driveway. If you anticipate that the driveway will experience large traffic volumes, you could ask for a thicker coating of bitumen spray sealing. If the local environment might induce slipping, have the bitumen spray sealing company increase the skid resistance of the mixture to improve the safety of any vehicles that drive on the surface.

Does your surface need bitumen spray sealing?

If you have recently installed a new surface, bitumen spray sealing is essential, but if you have an existing surface, you may not be sure whether the bitumen spray sealing needs to be repeated. The best option is always to speak to the spray sealing company. They can explain how frequently spray sealing should take place and how you can decide whether a reapplication of the spray is needed. Contact a bitumen spray sealing company to learn more.