Vital Asbestos Disposal Tips You Shouldn't Forget

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Vital Asbestos Disposal Tips You Shouldn't Forget

16 November 2020
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Most people get scared whenever an expert confirms that their home contains asbestos materials that must be removed or replaced. This can be attributed to the fact that asbestos fibres cause severe health conditions and damage the environment.

The good news is that there are essential asbestos disposal tips you can consider to ensure you, your family and the community are protected from asbestos' harmful effects. Below are some tips to help you to dispose of asbestos safely and efficiently.

Handle asbestos with care

Right from removal to disposal, asbestos materials must be handled with care. This tip helps prevent the spread of hazardous fibres into the atmosphere. So, immediately an expert confirms that you have asbestos materials in your building, you should approach an ideal asbestos specialist to handle the work. These professionals are trained and use updated equipment to do the delicate work without dispersing the harmful fibres into the environment. This not only protects your loved ones but also the entire neighbourhood too.

If you opt to DIY, you should familiarise yourself with the procedure and know the protective equipment you will need. Some of them include protective wear for the entire body, gloves, goggles, safety boots and a mask. All these should be worn throughout the process. Also, it's wrong to break the asbestos materials into small pieces — this promotes the release of asbestos fibres into the environment.

Label the waste bags

Ideally, all the asbestos waste you produce should be packed in labelled bags or put in specific skip bins designed for this kind of waste. This includes insulation, dust pipes, cement sheeting and the protective gear you had should be placed in the waste bags.

Labelling the bags will ensure that the asbestos waste isn't mixed up with other forms of waste as it might cause serious contamination. Don't be tempted to dispose of waste in a local or domestic rubbish bin.

Know where the waste will be deposited

Once you finish packing, you can opt to transport the waste to a licensed asbestos waste disposal centre. But before you start the journey, you should consider calling them to confirm the opening hours and their terms and conditions on asbestos delivery.

If not, you can request the company to send their team of professionals to pick the waste. These experts know how to package and dispose of the asbestos waste thanks to their knowledge and experience. They will also dispose of the waste correctly, helping you avoid costly fines.

To learn more, reach out to a local asbestos removal service.