Concrete Patio Removal: Should You DIY or Hire a Professional Contractor?

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Concrete Patio Removal: Should You DIY or Hire a Professional Contractor?

29 July 2020
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Are you planning a removal project for your concrete patio? The project can be quite costly; therefore, you may be looking for ways to cut down the cost of the demolition project. For most people, the first thought that comes to mind is carrying out DIY removal. But is this right for you? Should you DIY or hire a concrete contractor? Here are a few questions to help you make the right choice.

How Thick Is the Concrete Slab?

The thickness of the concrete slab on your patio will determine how complicated or straightforward the removal project will be. For a thin concrete slab, you can conduct demolitions using simple tools without any major obstacles. However, the removal of thick slabs requires special tools and techniques. At the very least, you will need some power tools such as hydraulic crushers and splitters. You should also know how to operate the machines. If you don't, it's advisable to hire an expert.

Is Your Concrete Patio Reinforced?

Reinforcement is an essential but optional process during concrete installation. It strengthens the concrete and protects it from cracking due to impact or temperature changes. Concrete reinforcement is carried out using wire mesh or rebar. If your concrete patio has reinforcement materials, you can't remove it on your own. Simple tools such as chipping hammers won't work. You need power tools that can break through steel bars or mesh. Only a concrete contractor possesses the required expertise to remove the slab.

Do You Have the Right Tools for the Job?

A concrete removal project requires chipping hammers, demolition and rotary hammers, hydraulic crushers and many other tools. If you don't have these in your garage, you have to rent them. The rental process can be costly, and if you don't know how to operate the equipment, you have to hire an operator. Instead of doing all that, simply hire an expert for the job. A concrete removal expert will come with all the tools and necessary labour to handle the project. You may save more money than if you opted to DIY.

Are There Utilities Running Underneath the Patio?

Your patio may be located above utility lines that run into your home. These include underground telephone and internet lines, plumbing pipes and even electrical lines. If you don't take note of such utilities and avoid them during the demolition, you may end up causing costly damage. Hitting electrical wires may even cause electrocution hazards. Thus, if utilities are running underneath the concrete patio, it's wise to work with an expert. They will map out the location of the pipes and work with care and precision to avoid damage.

Working with a concrete contractor for your patio demolition project comes with numerous benefits. Avoid DIY projects as they may end up being costly and dangerous. Reach out to a concrete removal professional for more information.