The Three-Phase Advantage

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The Three-Phase Advantage

27 February 2020
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Electrical power can rightly be said to be the lifeline of most commercial enterprises. In the absence of electrical power, business activities in commercial entities often grind to a halt. Business entities use more electric power than residential premises. For this reason, a three-phase power supply system is often for commercial enterprises.

Considering that the installation of three-phase power is likely to be more expensive than the installation of a single-phase system, what are the benefits of having three-phase power supply? Find out below.

More Electrical Appliances

One of the main reasons for the preference of three-phase electrical power in commercial buildings is the fact that this type of system can accommodate the electrical load required for a larger number of electrical appliances. This is because three-phase power supply systems have a greater electrical output as compared to single-phase systems.

In a large number of cases, commercial entities that rely on a single-phase power supply system are forced to upgrade to three-phase power when there is need for the installation of new electrical appliances such as larger-sized air conditioning units.

Investing in a three-phase power supply system right from the start makes it easy and possible to add new appliances into the electrical grid without the need for an upgrade.

More Efficient Current Delivery

The delivery of current by an electrical system has a significant impact on how efficient the electrical system is considered to be. One of the main drawbacks associated with single-phase power supply systems is that they deliver electric current in pulses. Thus, there can be instances when the delivery of current falls to zero. Delivery of electrical power in pulses does not make for very steady operation of electric equipment.

In contrast, a three-phase electrical system will deliver a steady stream of electric current continuously. With three-phase power, there are no incidences whereby the delivery of current falls to zero. Apart from a more stable operation for electric equipment, the continuous delivery of power is also advantageous because it reduces the extent of vibration that electric motors are exposed to.

Reduced Downtime

Lastly, three-phase electrical systems are advantageous in the event of an electrical fault. With a single-phase system, an electrical fault within the system results in the immediate disruption of power supply. In contrast, if there's an electrical fault in one phase of a three-phase power supply system, the two remaining phases continue to supply electric power, thereby minimising disruptions and downtime.

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