Land Division Considerations for Homesteading

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Land Division Considerations for Homesteading

31 August 2019
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When you think about homesteading, you may think about one large piece of property. The truth is that there are times when you will need to subdivide the land. For example, you may want to turn part of the homestead into a commercial farm. This would mean having areas that are for production while others are for sales. Taking on this type of change on your homestead would require land division. Here are some things you need to know about that land division and what to expect.

Survey for Boundaries

The first thing you will need to do for a land division project is a survey for boundaries. The land surveyors will need to know your plans and help you map out the area. The first survey will be for the boundaries of the entire property. Once this is complete, they will take your plans and help map out the boundaries for the different subdivisions of that property. If you have specific boundaries that you want, such as odd angles or measurements, let them know at this time. 

Topography Layout

The topography layout is vital to your land division for your homestead. You will need to know the placement of any hills, mountains, and low-lying areas. The main reason for this is to know what areas of land will need drainage modification. You will also need to know if any areas of land will need building up or if they will need to be leveled further to create the landscape necessary for the intended use.

For example, if one part of the division will be used for livestock, it can remain natural while another area used for storage may need to be leveled for the building foundation. This information will be given to the contractors prior to the subdivision of land to determine what tasks need to be contracted. 

Civil Works Layout

Once you have decided what each land division will need, such as drainage, it is time to call in civil works contractors. They can help with the placement of drainage lines, sewer lines, and any underground electrical lines you want. They can also help with placements of roadways for transporting supplies and livestock to different areas of the homestead. This can all be done using the surveys and the contractor's designs for your homestead layout. 

These are just a few of the key points to expect with land division on your homestead. If you are planning on a land division for your homestead, contact your local surveying and land contractors. They can help with the steps and help you ensure the land is divided properly for your needs. They can also suggest options for surveying and permits if needed.