Will A Knockdown Rebuild Be Right For You?

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Will A Knockdown Rebuild Be Right For You?

20 August 2019
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There is a myriad of reasons why you could be contemplating moving house. However, are you thinking of moving because you are fed up with the design of your house but are happy with the neighbourhood? If that is the reason, you are better off deliberating on a knockdown rebuild. As the name implies, this construction process involved razing down the original house to make way for a new home. And while this may sound absurd at the onset, it is actually a more cost-efficient and convenient solution that is steadily being adopted by Aussies! This piece seeks to help you discern if a knockdown rebuild will be right for you.


This may surprise you, but a knockdown rebuild could be much cheaper than renovating your home or even moving long-distance! At the outset, mobbing may seem much cheaper. Nevertheless, take into consideration the amount of time it takes to have all your belongings packed, transport and placed into the new house. If you were not involved in the moving process, you could have been making money at work. Not to mention that moving is always at risk of surprises that could end up costing you money that you had not foreseen spending! Renovations, on the other hand, are more complex than rebuilding. Navigating plumbing pipes, stamp duties, council fees, inspection expenses and more will all stack up against your costs. Instead of spending an exorbitant amount of money on either of these options, a knockdown rebuild will be a better investment for you. Moreover, when you elect to have a knockdown rebuild, you will not have to pay money on stamp duties and other expenses that will inflate your budget.

Design flexibility

A second massive advantage of choosing a knockdown rebuild over moving or renovating is the complete flexibility you have over the design of the house. A knockdown rebuild is essentially providing you with an untouched canvas to customise to your heart's desire! Not only do you have the option of exploring different styles to suit your preferences but also the opportunity to design your forever home from the house you did not enjoy anymore. For instance, when you opt to renovate the house, you are limited to sticking to the original structure of the building. With a knockdown rebuild, you can change the entire structure of the house without having to compromise on the size, number of rooms, layout and so on! Moreover, a knockdown rebuild presents an affordable way to construct a sustainable house rather than trying to integrate expensive inclusions on a prebuilt home. Hence, this option can also help in the reduction of your energy costs.