Constructing Your First Home? Install Skylight Windows In These Rooms

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Constructing Your First Home? Install Skylight Windows In These Rooms

23 July 2019
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Custom home construction is incredibly exciting as you get the chance to integrate all the features you have wanted for your dream house. From extra rooms to multiple storeys, as long as your budget is permissive, you have the freedom to make your vision come to life. But while major changes are what most people concentrate on, you should consider minor inclusions that will have a massive impact on the entire feel of your house.

One such inclusion is skylight windows. Although your construction contractors can install these windows wherever you want them in the new house, there are specific spaces you should focus on to maximise on the benefits these windows offer. This piece highlights some rooms that you should install skylight windows in when constructing your first home.

Skylight windows in the bathroom

One of the common design flaws that occur in bathrooms is the installation of a small window. Small windows are considered pragmatic since they function to maintain your privacy whenever you are in this room. But this is where their practicality ends since a small window inadvertently means a heavy reliance on artificial lighting. When you get the chance to construct your own house, you should avoid this flaw by opting for skylight window installation instead.

Overhead windows are a perfect solution to the small window dilemma because they allow in light from above and subsequently keep prying eyes from watching you when you are in the bathroom. Furthermore, by having large, ventilated skylights, your bathroom will dry much faster, and this mitigates the development of mould in this wet room. So if you are deliberating on the installation of ceiling windows, the first place to start should be your bathroom.

Skylight windows in the kitchen

The second room that should be bathed in as much light as possible is your kitchen. Nevertheless, not many homeowners know how beneficial these roof windows will be when designing their custom kitchen. For starters, opting to integrate these windows at the design stage of your home construction will provide you with architectural flexibility when conceptualising the custom kitchen. Instead of resigning yourself to a traditional flat roof, your kitchen can stand out by having a pitched roof that is dotted by these windows!

Secondly, skylights in your kitchen function to enhance energy efficacy since the room will receive improved illumination, even during overcast days. So if you are an avid cook, you will always have a source of natural light for easier preparation of your food! Lastly, just as in the bathroom, the ceiling windows will vent out steam, smoke and other odours that may emanate from the process of cooking.