Important Considerations for Freezer Room Construction

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Important Considerations for Freezer Room Construction

30 January 2019
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Freezer room construction services operate to design and construct cold storage facilities for a range of applications. These applications include restaurants, super markets, retail outlets and much more. The demand for cold storage facilities is increasing as the population grows and more and more food and beverage outlets are opening. The freezer rooms are constructed according to the client's needs, meaning that they can be customised with additional features. 

Features of freezer rooms

Cool rooms are made from specially designed cool room panels that retain the cooling and allow energy to be used efficiently. Using energy-efficient materials to construct freezer rooms results in cost savings in terms of energy. They are made from lightweight and cost-effective materials to make them affordable for clients. Cool rooms need to be constructed so that they have minimal heat leakage and stay clean and dry so that they last for years to come. Another key feature of cool rooms to look out for is aluminium flooring—the aluminium is highly durable and also resistant to corrosion, making it the perfect choice for cool rooms. 

The thickness of cool room panels varies according to the application, and the panels are insulated with fire-resistant materials to offer protection in case of a fire. 

Important Considerations

The first thing to consider is how often the cool room door will be opened on a regular basis. If the cool room door is expected to be opened more frequently, then the load on the system will increase. In this case, a small door is installed to allow minimal loss of cold air, or an automatic roller door which closes quickly is installed. Air curtains can also be installed to minimise warm air entering the cooler room. 

The latest designs in freezer rooms are also manufactured using easy-to-use materials that can be washed and wiped down quickly. This should be a preference in freezer rooms that will be used to store food. 

Another consideration is how low the temperature needs to be, which depends on the items that will be stored in the freezer room. Additionally, large fluctuations in temperature will be cheaper to maintain. This all depends on what will be contained within the cooler room. 

All these considerations are not to be taken lightly and will influence the overall cost of construction of the freezer room. Freezer room construction services will help you make the best choice for your needs.