Why Marine Transport Is the Right Shipping Choice for Your Business

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Why Marine Transport Is the Right Shipping Choice for Your Business

7 January 2019
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Marine transport is one of the oldest and most well established means of transport; it is also one of the most reliable. For many of us, cargo vessels being unloaded at the port is the image we first think of when freight forwarding comes to mind, yet when it actually comes to shipping goods where they are needed, it is tempting to book an air journey without considering the other options. When you take the time to consider the details, marine transport can often be seen as the most practical solution. Here are three reasons why you should consider marine transport for your next delivery.

Best value for money

For every business owner, cost has to be one of their fundamental considerations. The ability to keep shipping costs low helps to make their products competitive in a global market. Marine transport is always going to be far cheaper than shipping goods by air. The only way air transport can compete with maritime transport is on the speed of delivery, but for most situations, this does not need to be a significant factor. As long as longer lead times are known in advance, they can be easily planned for and built into a production or restocking schedule.

Great tracking capabilities

Using marine transport makes tracking deliveries easy. It is tempting to think that goods can only be tracked by road or air freight but that isn't the case. Loading your products onto a ship does not mean losing touch with them for an extended period of time. Advanced radar technology means that tracking and identification in shipping lanes is as good if not better than that available with other means of transport, so when you ship by marine transport, you can be confident that you know where your shipment is at every stage of the journey. You can be confident that they are on schedule and that you will know exactly when they will reach their destination.

Bulk cargo capabilities

If you choose to transport your goods by plane then you will find that space is always at a premium. Aircraft are good at moving smaller goods and small quantities of larger items, but if your products are large and heavy, or if you want to enjoy the advantages of bulk buying then marine transport offers significant advantages for your business.

Talk to a marine transport company today and find out why it makes sense to ship your goods by sea, and how marine transport can help your business stay competitive.