4 Reasons You Should Use Reclaimed Timber for Your Internal Doors

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4 Reasons You Should Use Reclaimed Timber for Your Internal Doors

15 October 2018
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Timber internal doors add a touch of class to any property, and they also come with a host of practical benefits. Of course, there's no reason to stick with virgin timber for your doors. Here are just four reasons to use reclaimed timber instead.

1. You Want Added Character

Use virgin timber planks for your internal doors and they'll all look the same. In contrast, reclaimed timber offers plenty of character. Most will have been taken from sites where they had to stand up against the elements; old barns, for example, are a great source. That means reclaimed timber will be weathered and unique. Each plank will look a little different and obviously have a story behind it. Even after virgin timber fades, it's not going to look as distinct. If you want everything to look new and identical, virgin timber is fine. If you want to bring some character to your properly, reclaimed is the way to go.

2. You Want to Cut Down on Sound Transmission

Doors are used to keep the heat in certain rooms and cut off what's going on inside from anyone walking past or looking in. However, they're also used to cut down on sound transmission. Just think how nice it is to close your bedroom door and hear the sound of your kids talking or your partner watching TV suddenly cut off. If that's what you're looking for, reclaimed timber might be a good call. Most older timber was grown from trees allowed to grow slowly. That produces a denser grain, and a denser grain improves soundproofing qualities.

3. You're Worried about Bumps and Scrapes  

Combine the added density that offers superior sound control and the weathering that offers a unique appearance and you have another benefit: toughness. Reclaimed timber will have already been exposed to different conditions and given a chance to completely dry out. As such, reclaimed timber is much tougher than virgin timber. If you bump your door with something hard, you're unlikely to leave a mark. Have an active household? Choose to use reclaimed timber wherever possible.

4. You Want to Keep Things Eco-Friendly

Finally, using reclaimed timber is obviously going to help the environment. If you use existing timber instead of new timber, you're going to reduce the number of trees that need to be chopped down. You'll also save existing timber from going to landfill and avoid the fuel use and other resource costs associated with cutting newly felled trees into planks.