Finding the Perfect Custom Builder for Your Home: Key Things to Consider

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Finding the Perfect Custom Builder for Your Home: Key Things to Consider

28 September 2018
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Finding a custom builder for your home can be an exciting experience. However, it might not be as straightforward as it seems. You need to evaluate your options carefully by considering some crucial factors first. For instance, you'll want to consider the builder's reputation, experience and previous work. References from your friends or family can also come in handy. While these aspects are crucial in choosing a new home contractor, they may not be enough in helping you find the right one. Therefore, here are some other significant considerations you need to make.

The Familiarity of the Builder with the Area You Are Building In

This is important because different areas across the country have different laws and regulations regarding building codes. A builder that is familiar with the area will be aware of all the applicable local building codes and will ensure your building complies with them. Compliance with the building codes is essential to avoid project delays and penalties. Therefore, find out if the builder has previously worked on other buildings within the region. You can even narrow down your search to local builders.

Average Turnaround Time of The Builder

It's imperative to find out whether the builder is booked for other projects within your time frame. If they are, you'll have to postpone your project or find a different builder. It's important that your builder devotes all of their time and resources to your project. If your builder has other obligations, your project will be neglected in a way, and this will only result in delays.


Pricing is always something to consider when shopping for a custom builder. You probably understand that cheap is not always the best option. However, there's more to pricing you should know about besides just who charges more or less than the other. For instance, you may be better off with a custom builder that shows you a fixed price. A fixed price will ensure you don't spend more than you should because of estimates or add-ons that weren't included in the original quote. Also, know what is not included in the quote to avoid surprises. For instance, if lighting is included in the quote, you should know that for many builders, that often refers to the globe or light holders only and not the light fittings too. By understanding that the light fittings are excluded from the quote, you'll be able to budget for that separately.