Fencing Contractors do more than just Installing Fences

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Fencing Contractors do more than just Installing Fences

1 February 2018
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When you think of a fencing contractor, you often visualise a professional who mainly focuses on installing different types of fences and boundary products. While it is certainly true that fencing contractors often work with wood, metal, and other types of fencing, it's also important not to forget that fencing contractors provide a wide variety of services to their clients in addition to fence installation. Most contractors are now experienced and capable of providing a wide range of services to cater to the outside of your home. From landscape options to decking and patios, fencing contractors have a lot to offer to your exterior spaces.

Designing decks/patios

Fencing contractors are also capable of designing entire outdoor decks and patios. They can construct these from many different materials, but timber decks that follow the same principle as timber fencing can create a uniform look throughout the entire property.

Decks and patios also often need securing along the edges of the deck to prevent people from falling over. This securing across the edges is easily applied/transferred from the fencing background into the patio construction.

Installing footpaths and sidewalks

Fencing contractors are also capable of designing sidewalks and footpaths that are quite useful on a daily basis. They can use their expertise on fence design to install sidewalks with clearly defined boundaries, widths and heights.

Fishing pegs and other water structures

Water structures, specifically the wooden type, are becoming popular options for homeowners. Fencing contractors can help you install useful water structures on your pond or at the shores of the nearby lake.

Wooden structures such as fishing pegs and docks are used by homeowners to enjoy their time in the water while they fish. Fencing contractors can work closely with you to determine the exact type and style of water structures that you desire.

Designing retainer walls

Fencing contractors are also experts in designing retainer walls on various properties. Their expertise in perimeter control makes them capable of designing retainer walls that prevent soils and other required components from being washed away by the water.

 Retainer walls vary in size and shape, with many different designs appropriate for various functions.


There is a lot that fences and bridges have in common. Both require clearly established boundaries along with durable and sturdy materials. They both also need to have a certain level of aesthetic appeal from outside elements.

Fencing contractors are therefore the professionals of choice when constructing local bridges.