Why epoxy flooring is right for your premises

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Why epoxy flooring is right for your premises

5 January 2018
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If you are considering installing new flooring in all or part of your commercial or industrial building, then you should think about the advantages that an epoxy floor can offer you. Epoxy flooring is quick to install and has become a popular choice for warehouses, laboratories, beverage plants and similar industrial buildings as it provides a smooth, attractive high gloss surface that is hard wearing and low maintenance. Here are the four great reasons to choose epoxy flooring for your premises.

Epoxy flooring is resistant

Epoxy flooring is a chemically resistant option that is hard to damage and is therefore perfect for industrial plants and warehouses. There are many locations where you need a flooring solution that is resistant to chemicals, heat, and repeated impacts. Epoxy is great in circumstances like this and will prove to be durable even in areas that experience constant high traffic levels.

Epoxy flooring is safer

Not only is epoxy flooring designed to non-slip reducing the likelihood of workplace accidents, it also comes with a high gloss finish which will significantly increase the brightness of your workplace allowing you to better control your lighting bills, and make it easy to work even in areas that aren't easy to light.

Epoxy flooring allows you to define working zones

As epoxy flooring is available in a range of attractive colours it is possible to use different floor colours to designate different zones within your building. You may choose to have one zone for forklift traffic and a different colour zone solely for pedestrians. By identifying each of the zones within your workspace with a separate colour it becomes possible for your staff and visitors to know at a glance what to expect in each area of the building even if they do not usually enter that area.

Epoxy increases the productivity capabilities of your business

Using an epoxy floor to provide concrete floor levelling, and to deal with a previously rough or uneven surface will lower the wear on your transport vehicles and provide for faster movement of materials around your building. The hard wearing nature of epoxy means that it will not be easily damaged by high traffic levels as other flooring surfaces may be.

Talk to your epoxy flooring specialist today to identify the best epoxy solution for your business. They will be able to suggest the right solution for your circumstances. They will also discuss with you how epoxy colours and floor patterns can be combined to create the perfect flooring solution for your premises.