Residential Security: Three Considerations for Ideal Surveillance Camera Selection

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Residential Security: Three Considerations for Ideal Surveillance Camera Selection

18 October 2017
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If you are planning on improving security in your home, you should think about installing a CCTV system. These components will discourage burglars and robbers from intruding on your property. If an unauthorised person does infiltrate your home, they will be captured on camera. Also, the improvement of home security through surveillance might afford you better insurance premium rates. There are numerous products to consider when you decide to purchase home security cameras. Therefore, the selection process can be challenging. Here are the crucial factors that you should evaluate for an ideal choice. 

Resolution and Stabilisation

When choosing a camera for your home, you should check the expected quality of the images. In simple terms, you should ensure that the device has good resolution. This aspect is critical in identifying perpetrators if your home is infiltrated. You should also purchase a camera with image stabilisation. This feature is especially essential for surveillance systems which are designed sweep over a specific area. The stabilisation will prevent the image from losing its clarity.

Weather Resistance

If you are planning on installing your surveillance camera outside the house, you should make sure that the device is rated for outdoor use. Numerous homeowners install indoor cameras outside because they are cheaper than the alternatives. Unfortunately, the products fail since they cannot handle the harsh conditions. It is advisable for you to purchase a device with ingress protection rating because it will be invulnerable to both moisture and dust. 

Storage Options

You should consider your storage options when purchasing your security camera. While most modern devices are designed to provide excellent internal memory, their capacity is not limitless. If you choose a camera with a card-based system, you will have to delete the content periodically to free up storage. The case is the same for devices with a hard disk setup. If you are satisfied with this storage option, you should ensure that you can modify the memory remotely for convenience. If you prefer to retain the camera records for longer, you should select a surveillance system with cloud storage options. 

Night Vision and Microphone

Your home security cameras will be useless at night if they do not have night vision capabilities. Often, burglars and robbers strike when it is dark, so you should not overlook this feature, even if your home is well-lighted. Also, you should consider acquiring a camera with a microphone fitted in for audio data collection. This element could prove useful for gaining valuable insight on incidents in the future.