Why There Is an Increasing Demand for Dry Boat Storage at Marinas

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Why There Is an Increasing Demand for Dry Boat Storage at Marinas

12 October 2017
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When it comes to marina construction, people will typically associate these structures with docks where they would have to rope in their boats to keep them secure. Although conventional marina building exclusively provided this functionality, there has been a steady increase in marina builders that incorporate dry boat storage in their structure. Dry boat storage is providing a pocket-friendly solution for people who may not afford premium marina fees. Moreover, dry boat storage also offers an array of other advantages that you would not enjoy by docking your boat directly at the marina. So why is there an increasing demand for dry boat storage at marinas?

Dry boat storage is convenient

One thing to note about dry boat storage is how highly convenient it is. Firstly, since the marina staff will be storing the boat for you and bringing it to you when you want to sail, you do not have to struggle with towing your boat back and forth with each trip out on the water. In addition to this, with dry boat storage, you get the chance to save money on trailer costs and fuel costs that you would have to bear by transporting your boat every single time you want to go to the marina. Your boat may not have real estate on the water, but you can be assured it is stored safely by the marina.

Dry boat storage prevents early boat repairs

Since membership to a marina is considered a sign of wealth, boat owners rarely consider the damage that their boat is at risk of by being docked in the water for prolonged periods. Unless you use your boat on a daily basis, you would have to invest in proper coverings that will keep the boat protected from sun damage. Failure to do so will result in fading of the body due to prolonged exposure to UV radiation. In addition to this, your boat can also become seagull territory if these fowls decide to take up residence on your exposed boat. Not only does this mean faecal matter on your prized possession, but the birds can also peck away at the surface of your vessel. If you just use your boat occasionally, you should consider opting for dry boat storage at your marina. Since the boat is kept in storage away from the water, you can be assured that it will be preserved for a long time to come.