Splashbacks to Consider to Spruce up Your Kitchen

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Splashbacks to Consider to Spruce up Your Kitchen

10 October 2017
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The kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that will start to show signs of degradation faster than other areas of your home. With the consistent use that it is exposed to, surfaces and walls will develop stains, cracks and more. Therefore, it should not be surprising that this room will need cosmetic renovations from time to time. Nonetheless, updating the appearance of your kitchen does not have to be a big budget project. Strategic changes in certain areas could uplift the entire look of your kitchen. A great solution would be to switch out your splashbacks. Since splashbacks tend to take up a considerable amount of space, changing your old tile materials for something new and trendy can add significant visual appeal to the space. The following list outlines glass splashbacks that you can consider to spruce up your kitchen.

Textured glass splashbacks

Individuals that would like unique materials that will make a statement in their kitchen may want to invest in textured glass splashbacks. These splashbacks are manufactured by pouring molten glass into moulds to create distinctive designs and patterns on the surface of the glass. You even have the option of choosing custom textures for your glass splashbacks, as long as you have a flexible budget.

Toughened glass splashbacks

Make sure that you choose the toughened variety when you decide to install glass splashbacks. The annealed glass may seem like a cheap way to remodel your kitchen walls, but the material will be at risk of premature cracking or breakage since the annealed glass is fragile. Toughened glass, on the other hand, is put through several processes to ensure that it is capable of withstanding impact. So you would not have to worry about causing damage to the glass when vigorously cleaning hardened stains. Secondly, the toughened glass also has high heat resistance, making it suitable for installation over your stove.

Mirrored glass splashbacks        

If you have a small kitchen, you should consider remodelling materials that would create the illusion of space in the room. A perfect splashback that would fit the bill is the mirrored variety. Mirrored splashbacks comprise two layers of glass, with the backing glass painted to make it capable of reflecting images. Mirrored splashbacks also have the added benefit of being moisture resistant, so you would not have to worry about steam continuously condensing inside your splashbacks. Lastly, if you would like some creative edge with your mirrored splashbacks, you have the flexibility of choosing from an array of colours such as graphite, bronze, silver and more.