Why Timber Wall Frames are increasingly dominating the Construction Sites

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Why Timber Wall Frames are increasingly dominating the Construction Sites

4 October 2017
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If you take a walk in most suburbs of Sydney or perhaps Melbourne, one notices that there is increasing preference of using timber wall frames and trusses in construction. Anyone who is considering to use timber wall frames and the timber frame trusses would definitely carry out a comparison to alternatives in the market, mainly the brick and block construction. Here are some reasons why the timber wall frames and trusses are preferred:

Fast Construction

One thing that most contractors agree on is that constructing a house using timber wall frames and trusses takes a shorter time compared to the typical traditional house built of brick and block. The erection process of timber is fast and often done on site by the contractor's own carpenters in just a few days. Construction using timber wall frames is mainly a dry process and this means that other professionals like electricians can work concurrently as the house is constructed. 

Relatively Cheaper

Construction using timber wall frames and trusses is relatively cheaper compared to the conventional modes of building. There is labor saving as the time taken to construct is shorter. Timber as the construction material is relatively cheaper as compared to the bricks and steel.

Flexibility in Designs

The timber wall frames and the trusses can be customized into different designs and shapes. The materials can easily be shaped as per the customers' wish. For instance, the roof truss systems allow the contractors to incorporate features such as cross gables or the cathedral ceilings without incurring additional costs.

Insulation and Thermal Performance

Most contractors advise on building houses using the timber wall frames because of the insulation properties. The timber frame structures are known to have exemplary performance as they are often sealed to ensure that there is no moist air getting inside. Houses constructed using the timber walls frames often heat up so fast and again they are quick in cooling down. Nonetheless, the preference of the thermal performance is largely dictated by the lifestyle of the occupants.

Green Construction

For most contractors, timber wall frames and the timber frame trusses remain an ideal method of construction in this era of global warming. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing owing to the lifestyle and industrial activities initiated by man. Within the constructing industry, use of timber as a building material is advocated for as it encourages growth and expansion of forests that supply the materials. The growth of forests helps in reducing the level of global warming as more carbon is absorbed. Timber used in designing of the walls and trusses is renewable as it can be replaced by planting another one.