Why Your Garage Floor Needs an Epoxy Coating

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Why Your Garage Floor Needs an Epoxy Coating

3 October 2017
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The garage is often not the main priority when it comes to home improvements and interior design. Thus, it typically has a dull concrete floor simply for functionality. Despite the durability of this material, unfinished concrete is prone to damage since the surface is raw. Before you know it, it succumbs to staining, cracking, crumbling and more due to the heavy-duty usage it is exposed to in the garage. You may want to consider installing a floor coating to prevent this. One of the coatings that are a favourite for construction contractors and homeowners alike is epoxy. So what are some of the top reasons why your garage floor needs an epoxy coating?

An epoxy coating will neither peel nor lift

Some people may think that painting their concrete floor would a quick and convenient way to spruce up its appearance while also protecting it from spills and stains. Although this may work for the short term, the paint will eventually begin to peel off and lift away from the flooring, which causes unsightly patches on your concrete flooring. A better solution would be opting to install an epoxy coating.

To start, the contractors will grind the concrete flooring to ensure that it is smooth and free of previous coatings. The concrete grinding also facilitates the penetration of the epoxy. Once the grinding is complete, the epoxy is applied and let to cure until it has completely hardened. When professionally installed, the epoxy is expected to last for years to come without requiring re-doing as often as paint would.

An epoxy coating increases the concrete's longevity

The garage is one of the most heavy-duty spaces in your home. Whether you only utilise it for parking your vehicle or if it is your makeshift workshop, the floor will be exposed to high impact from the weight of your vehicle or tools falling to the ground. Not to mention that the constant exposure to chemicals in the form of grease. Transmission fluid, industrial cleaners and more will pose the risk of surface abrasion to the flooring.

Firstly, an epoxy coating will greatly diminish the porosity of your concrete flooring, which translates into a decreased risk of staining. Secondly, since the epoxy is non-porous and extremely strong, it will not be susceptible to abrading, breakage or a host of other cosmetic damages that raw concrete would be prone to acquiring over the years. Thus, you can be assured your garage flooring would look its best for the long-term.