Comparison between Wood Carports and Metal Carports

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Comparison between Wood Carports and Metal Carports

26 September 2017
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Weather elements such as snow, hail, ice, rain and the sun can take a toll on cars. For this reason, leaving your car parked outside for long hours without protecting it from inclement weather elements can significantly reduce the resell value of the vehicle. 

Constructing a carport is a popular way of protecting cars from the weather and reducing the rate of vehicular damage. If you are thinking about constructing a carport in your home, you should be aware that not all carports are the same. Carports come in a range of materials so that car owners can find something that suits their needs and budget. 

Two of the most common types of carports by construction material are wood carports and metal carports. Here's what you need to know about these two popular types of carports.

Wood Carports

Conventionally, wood has been the material of choice for construction of carports. Wood carports are a common sight in several Australian homes because wood is a readily available construction material. The wood frames used to build carports are products of construction-grade wood, which is sourced from sustainably managed forests. This explains why wood carports have remained fashionable over the years.

Another reason behind the popularity of wood carports is that wood material is easy to work with. Wood is quite soft, meaning it can be cut to size much easier than metal during installation.  In addition to this, wood is lighter than comparable metal, meaning wood carports can be assembled much faster.

Because of wood's soft and lightweight properties, wood carports can offer greater flexibility in regards to design. Last but not least, carports made with wood add to the kerb appeal of the home, thanks to wood's unmatched natural beauty. 

Metal Carports

Metal carports are a modern, more durable alternative to wood carports. Unlike wood carports, these carports are not susceptible to rot and insect attacks. What is more, metal structures are extremely hard and robust and do not easily break, split, chip or dent like wood. And, in case of a fire incident, metal won't burn down completely like wood, meaning you are certain to salvage something from your metal structure. The icing on the cake is that metal carports require less upkeep over their lifespan compared to wood carports — unlike wood carports, metal carports do not require a regular paint or varnish job.

As you can see, metal carports are immune to many of the elements that shorten the lifespan of wood carports. This explains why metal carports generally cost more than comparable wood carports. The choice is yours.