Are Window Security Films Exclusively Used For Security?

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Are Window Security Films Exclusively Used For Security?

26 September 2017
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Security window films are primarily considered for one application only – reinforcing window glass. This application is okay, considering that their name does state that this is their function. However, if homeowners have already invested in tempered glass or double-glazed windows, they may assume that they have no use for these security films. The truth is they would be wrong. Security window films afford homeowners a wide array of benefits that would enhance various aspects of their lifestyle. Below are just some of how security films would be more beneficial to you than merely for security.

Security window films can increase your home's efficiency

A major reason to choose security window films for your home would be the energy savings that these tints will afford you. When you have security window films installed on all the windows of your home, there will be a decreased leak of thermal loss or thermal gain. During the summer, you will use your air conditioning less frequently, as the window films will be keeping the radiant heat from penetrating the interior. Conversely, during the winter you will have a decreased need for artificial heating, as your windows will not be leaking the warm air from your home. Moreover, you would not have to commit to expensive window replacements to achieve this!

Security window films protect your loved ones and valuables

Living in Australia means getting to enjoy the sunrays for most times of the year. This sunny weather may be perfect for barbies and al fresco living, but it can wreak havoc on your home and also pose a risk to the health of your loved ones. Direct sun exposure for prolonged periods of time can increase the risk of developing skin cancer, as you will be absorbing the ultraviolet rays. The same ultraviolet rays are damaging to valuables such as timber flooring, carpeting, upholstery, artwork, pictures and more as it causes them to fade and become brittle. Rather than keep your curtains closed and subsequently leaving your home in darkness, you should install security window films. Search for films that have been designed with ultraviolet resistance, as these will block the UV rays.

Security window films keep glare out of your home

You may have found a way to protect your skin and belongings from radiation by installing UV glass. However, as the sun streams into your home, it can be difficult to work on a laptop or watch TV because of the immense glare. Security window films are an ideal choice if you are looking for a solution for this. The tint of the films gets rid of the bothersome glare without compromising on the illumination of the space.