The Amazing Advantages Of Choosing Timber Supplies For Your Cladding

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The Amazing Advantages Of Choosing Timber Supplies For Your Cladding

29 November 2019
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Admittedly, timber supplies have been around for millennia. Nonetheless, this does not mean they are out of style. In fact, timber supplies are ever-growing in popularity due to the array of benefits that they offer. Thus, if you have the chance to build a custom home then you should consider integrating these supplies to the property. Although timber is typically employed for flooring it does not mean it is not just as functional for other applications. And one surprising application that you may not have thought about is as cladding! You could be concerned about premature degradation if timber supplies are utilised as cladding, but this is not something to worry about. Consider the following amazing advantages of choosing timber supplies for your cladding.

Strikingly appealing

A major reason why timber supplies remain relevant through the years is the undeniable beauty of the wood. The intricate grain patterns coupled with the myriad of hues available ensures that you can choose cladding that will be both unique and visually pleasing! Moreover, timber species such as Blackbutt are already innately resistant to external factors so you do not have to worry about the cladding deteriorating in a short while due to exposure to the changing elements. Lastly, some timber species from a patina over time due to ageing and weathering, and this layer adds an added layer of visual interest to the cladding!

Incredibly adaptable

Timber is naturally easy to work with. For that reason, your creativity is not limited when designing cladding that matches or complements your house! For starters, the wood can be cut and shaped into a range of styles and sizes so your cladding can be as unique as you like. In addition to this, timber cladding is also available in a range of profiles so you do not have to stick to traditional cladding for the house. Not to mention that the cladding can be painted or stained to suit your preferred appearance! Thus, you could have the cladding match the colour of the roof or it can be stained to complement all other wood accents in and around the property!

Environmentally sustainable

If you are keen on leading an eco-conscious lifestyle, then you should opt for timber supplies for your cladding for a couple of reasons. To begin with, wood is a renewable resource when sourced responsibly so you will not be placing a massive toll on the environment. Secondly, the production processes the timber is put through to create cladding does not require the utilisation of a massive amount of fossil fuels when compared to other materials such as metal.